Pros of DIY:

Cost – Overall cost of install is typically less expensive because labor can be a large part of the system installation. This is mainly due to paying for installation expertise.

Understanding – As part of the DIY process, system understanding can be a pro because you must understand how the system works to install it. This can help you customize what you want the system to do for you and use it to meet your needs.
Schedule – Installing the system yourself allows you the flexibility to install the system when you want to. You do not have to work around a professional’s schedule.

Cons of DIY:

Labor – The most obvious con is that you must do the install and deal with any troubleshooting or problems with the system.
System Selection – Not all systems are built the same so system selection can be hard. It will take time and due diligence to find a system that best meets your needs.
Equipment Cost – DIY installers can expect to pay more for the hardware. Security companies partner with distributors who offer competitive pricing to their partners and because of this DIY installers can expect to pay regular consumer prices for their hardware.

Pros of Hiring A Pro:

Zero Hassle – Hiring a pro is a hassle-free process because the customer does not have to worry about the install, hardware user or troubleshooting any issues.
Quicker Install – Pro’s have streamlined their installs because of their level of experience. They have tools, training, industry tips/tricks that allow them to install the system in an efficient, professional manner.
System Integration – Professional security systems can integrate with many other smart products on the market. Whether it be home automation, wellness, video security or an integrated app, pros can offer more services than just basic security.

Cons of Hiring a Pro:

Cost – The overall cost is usually higher when hiring a pro. This is because you are paying for their time and expertise to install the system.
System Knowledge – When you hire a pro you have to trust that they will effectively explain the system, what it can do and how to use it. With some companies this can be a con and with others this can be a pro. It all comes down to the level of customer service they have.
Schedule – When hiring a pro, you are dependent on the company’s schedule and a time that you or someone can be home to do the install.