It was two days before New Year’s Eve in 2013.  The day started off just like any other day.  The alarm clock rang at a quarter after 6.  I got up and got ready for work.  My wife had already left and started her day.  We had just rescued a precious baby boy pit bull “Willie” who is now full grown and very loving!  I made sure he went to the bathroom before returning him to his crate, which at the time was in our living room.  I then departed for work.   The day was very typical and nothing exciting was really happening until I got the phone call.  My wife called me mid-afternoon and I instantly knew something was wrong by the tone of her voice.  She frantically said that our basement door was busted in!!! I said “are you sure? Sometimes that door doesn’t latch right” She said “Yeah, I am sure the door is bent, and frame was damaged.”  I said “Well, whatever you do, do not go in the house until I get home.”  She said, “But I can hear Willie crying.”  I said “Alright, go get him but stay on the phone.”  I then left work in a frantic demeanor and was still on the phone with my wife.  My wife proceeded to go up the stairs very slowly.  As she turned the corner in the kitchen I could sense angst in her voice through her heavy breathing.  She said, “Oh my gosh.”  I said “What…What?”  She said “He’s okay. Thank God.”  I could feel the hairs on my neck slowly subside.   I said, “Take him down to your car and wait for me to get there.”  By the time I got home my wife had already screened the house with a neighbor and deemed the intruder gone.  I instantly went into amateur investigative mode trying to find any clues or “evidence”.  The only thing that I could find was a change jar that had been in the spare bedroom was now sitting by the basement door on the table.  Nothing else was out of place or missing.  At the time, we did have an alarm system of which I had installed.  I didn’t really take it that seriously being that we live in a rural quiet town where most people still leave their doors unlocked.  However, I put it in because I knew how and did it a lot on the side for local people.  The system was armed and did go off, but it was not tied into a monitoring company.  At this point, I figured the system went off after 45 seconds because of the entry delay and the intruder had enough time to grab the change jar from the spare bedroom and on his way out the door decided it was to heavy.  Coincidentally, we had a UPS package delivered that day and it was placed inside the door.  I located the tracking information and noticed that the package was delivered around 10:30. This led me to believe that the break-in happened between when I left for work at 7 and 10:30.  Basically, the house could have been cleaned out by the time my wife got home at 2.  Typically, most intruders are going to be scared off by the alarm, but if they knew that it wasn’t connected to an alarm company then it could have been a lot worse.  Lesson learned, if you have an alarm system, then it should be monitored professionally.