Network Cabling – Structured Cabling

What is Network Cabling?

Network cabling is stranded and solid copper cable.   The cable is run throughout a building from devices to a central point.  Some of the primary uses of network cable are to provide data connection for office computers or for analog and digital phones.  This process is also referred to as structured cabling.  The commercial building code standard used for structured cabling is ANSI/TIA/EIA-568.


Typical Installation Locations:

  • entrance facilities
  • vertical and horizontal backbone pathways
  • vertical and horizontal backbone cables
  • horizontal pathways
  • horizontal cables
  • work area outlets
  • equipment rooms
  • telecommunications closets
  • cross-connect facilities
  • multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOA)
  • transition points; and consolidation points.


Network Cabling

                   Types of Cable:







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